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Excellence, preparation, experience and quality are prerequisites for obtaining results. When clients come to the firm, they are aware of not just hiring lawyers, but integral professionals with maximum sense of responsibility and ethics who will work for achieving the best possible solutions. We have a wide experience in different legal areas, especially in the practice of insurance and reinsurance, litigation and arbitration, which guarantees applying broad knowledge and expertise while defending the interests of our clients.

José Fernando Torres
Founding Partner

Our firm was founded in the year 2002 by José Fernando Torres Fernández de Castro, who after having held senior positions in the real sector and the insurance industry, started with this new challenge.

The firm has been successfully involved in important judicial and arbitration proceedings in Colombia. Likewise, the firm has advised major companies and has rendered other consulting services. The firm has grown to be currently recognized in the market for the services it provides, according to the highest quality standards, because of the experience of its founding partner and the team working along with him.

The members of this team are highly qualified and committed professionals, which is a guarantee of quality and soundness in their work.




Why Choose Us?
  • The high level of responsibilities entrusted to the firm shows the confidence that our clients have in us.
  • The size of litigations handled by the firm.
  • Sound and distinctive legal knowledge, which is the product of years of academic formation and professional experience.
  • Wide experience in litigation, knowledge from within of major insurance and reinsurance companies, and companies of the industrial or services sector.
  • We have rendered services to major clients in Colombia and abroad, particularly in insurance and reinsurance related conflicts.
  • Our list of satisfied clients is long and significant.
  • Deep commitment, preparation, professionalism and ethics in defending the interests of our clients.
  • Unique skills and academic foundations which have allowed us to successfully negotiate complex claims brought against our clients.
  • High success rate in all our work.

  • Insurance and Reinsurance

    We provide our clients with a comprehensive view to satisfy their needs, which is the result of the wide experience in the insurance industry of our founding partner: former officer of the insurers association as well as of important insurance companies, university professor in this field...

  • Litigation and Arbitration

    We represent our clients in litigations on administrative, constitutional, commercial, civil and labor matters.
    Likewise, our advice and representation extends to...

  • Labour and Social Security Law

    We represent and advice companies in all matters related to labor and social security law. Our global business vision facilitates the decision-making process of our clients, supports their corporate strategy and makes it easier to align their human resources to such strategy...

  • Administrative Law and Procurement

    We represent and advice insurance companies and contractors in procedures and litigation stemming from contracts with the State. In a wider context, we offer advice and representation in litigations involving the State and state entities.

  • Constitutional Law

    We provide advice in the defense of rights established in the Political Constitution, and in the use of constitutional and legal tools to that effect.

  • Financial Law

    Our services comprise the following: Advice to financial institutions in development of their products and services, preparation of contracts, review of internal procedure manuals and advice as to their relations with surveillance agencies...

  • Corporate and Commercial Law

    Nuestros servicios comprenden la asesoría en: Sociedades, Contratos, Derecho de la Competencia, Propiedad Industrial...

  • Financial Consumer Ombudsman Services

    The founding partner, José Fernando Torres, is the Financial Consumer Ombudsman of important companiess...

  • Customs Law

    Contratación de los intermediarios aduaneros. Aplicación de las regulaciones sobre procedimientos aduaneros. Utilización de incentivos a las exportaciones. Obtención de licencias y permisos especiales.

  • Foreign Exchange Law and International Investmets

    Foreign currency planning.
 Implementation of all direct investment and portfolio processes in Colombia and abroad. Handling of offset accounts and special offset accounts. Completion of import processes. Import refunds...


We also have alliances with lawyers to address issues which are outside the ordinary course of our business.


Committed with the formation of law students, we have entered into an agreement with the Rosario University Legal Consulting Service with the purpose of having students doing their academic internships in our firm. In this way, we aim to assist in the formation of future lawyers in an interactive, practical and professional way.

Notwithstanding the abovementioned, we may also have students from other universities in our firm to do their academic internships with us.

We have currently hired Fernando Perdomo Córdoba as intern, who is a fourth year student at El Rosario University Faculty of Law. He speaks various languages such as german, english and spanish, and his legal interests are in private law, specially insurance law.